• Mizudashi-An easy guide to cold brewing tea

    Here's a beginners guide to col-brewing tea. Its definitely a game changers and it brings out some beautiful & delicate flavours leaving you refreshed especially during the hot summer months.
  • Beat the heat with Mango Tea Popsicles

    Here's a quick recipe to enjoy mangoes and tea at the same time while making it fun for all age groups.

    Here are two ways by which you can make breakfast or snack time more interesting and what would be better than experimenting with your daily essentials like tea & oats.Tea infused recipes are not only easy to make but also add an element of excitement to the daily routine.Do try it out!
  • Jasmine Tea Infused Orange Popsicles with a hint of lavender

    With summers approaching we are gathering fun ways to incorporate tea in your daily routine.This recipe is all about infusing tea with tropical fruits of your choice to create some delicious popsicles.This recipe can be enjoyed by all age groups and it can also be a fun activity to try out with children.
  • Holiday Favourite : Mulled Tea Recipe

    Learn how to make the Holiday Favourite : Mulled Tea Recipe for your friends and family
  • Homemade Pumpkin Chai Tea Recipe

    This blog is about a very easy pumpkin chai tea recipe for fall.
  • What is cold brewing tea & how to do it?

    What is cold brewing & how to do it?   Cold brewing tea is an extremely quick & an easy process to give you a smooth and naturally cold tea...
  • Green tea-Your skin and hair care rescue for summers!

    Green tea-Your skin and hair care rescue for summers! Summers with pollution can take a toll on our skin and hair but what if we told you that gre...
  • Beat the heat with Old Harbor Tea Mocktails this summer

    With  summertime at its peak, it's vital to keep our bodies hydrated but plain water can be extremely boring. We all crave some cold, thirst-quenching beverages to beat the heat while trying to avoid anything aerated or high in sugar. So for all those on the hunt for some refreshing beverages we have got you covered.

    There are a bunch of teas by Old harbor teas that can be brewed cold and consumed as iced teas and Mocktails. 

  • Orange Strawberry Jasmine Tea Granita

    Summer is here and granita is the perfect dish to make this time of the year. A very refreshing frozen slush, bursting with fruity and floral notes, you will surely love this. The jasmine tea adds the perfect floral touch to it and gives it a unique flavour.
  • Dark Chocolate Mint Tea Cupcakes

    Dark chocolate and mint is always a great combination. The mint tea lends a great fresh minty profile to the decadent dark chocolate ganache. And when this goes on top of some chocolatey cupcakes – you definitely will keep wanting more.
  • Lemon Tea Strawberry Loaf

    Lemon Tea Strawberry Loaf Tea cakes are simple, fuss free and delicious and the classic pairing of strawberry and lemon can never go wrong. Lemon ...