Green tea-Your skin and hair care rescue for summers!

Green tea-Your skin and hair care rescue for summers!

Summers with pollution can take a toll on our skin and hair but what if we told you that green tea could solve some of your problems. 

Green tea has gained popularity as a miracle product globally and rightly so. It’s that one product that can be used to its fullest in the truest form and we are here to tell you how.

Firstly, do not throw away your tea bag/loose leaves after brewing a cup/kettle for yourself. 

The number of things you could do with the brewed bags/leaves will truly surprise you.

 Listed below are a few ways in which you could use tea, especially during summers , apart from consuming it !

  • Eye mask:

 green tea eye mask

Start collecting your teabags post brewing and store them in the fridge. They make an extremely effective eye mask that’ll help with puffiness and dark circles. Or take the brewed leaves and mix them either with aloe Vera gel/ potato juice/cucumber juice or pure rose water, soak some cotton into it and place it on your eyes for 15 mins. The caffeine in green tea helps with the puffiness and dark circles and it also helps cool down the eyes from the heat.


    • Toner :

    make toner for your face using green tea

    Tea bags can also be used as toners. Just wipe your entire face with a cold green tea bag and with time you’ll see visibly smaller pores and clearer, glowing skin. You can also mix some brewed tea with pure rose water and aloe gel or witch hazel and use it as a toner.


      • Face mask:

      green tea face mask

      Green tea is extremely effective at calming irritated/ acne-prone and sensitive skin giving you clear and glowing skin. 

        Mix some brewed tea or wet leaves with Multani mitti(fullers earth)/bentonite clay and apply it for 10-15 mins to treat oily, acne-prone skin.

        Mix the green tea with oat flour and honey/pure rose water for 15 mins to help calm sensitive skin from irritation and acne.

        Mix green tea with banana and yogurt for 15 mins to calm down dry, acne-prone skin.

        All these masks are effective at treating dark spots, acne, skin irritation, and heat burn.


        • Face scrub:


        face scrub made with green tea and other products such as alovera gell,multani mitti,etc

        Empty a tea bag into a bowl, mix it with aloevera gel or rice water and scrub your face with it. You’ll notice visibly clear, smooth, and toned skin.


          • Skin and hair scrub:

           green tea face and hair scrub

          Empty a couple of tea bags into two bowls, mix one half with your body wash or coconut oil and sugar to scrub your body and the other half of the leaves with your shampoo. And wash hair and body as usual. This will help to clarify and detox your skin and scalp, promoting visibly healthier, smoother skin and hair. 


            • Hair mask:
            Mix some brewed tea with your conditioner and deep condition your hair with it pre-wash or rinse your hair with brewed tea before conditioning it. This will promote hair growth, healthy, and a dandruff-free scalp.

               skin and hair scrub made from green tea

              • Heat burn:

              Green tea is extremely effective at treating heat burns, either directly apply a cold brewed tea bag to your skin or mix some brewed tea to your bath water and let your skin soak in it for a while. You could also blend some green tea with cucumber and aloe vera gel, transfer it into an ice tray and apply those ice cubes to not only calm the heat burn but also as a mask or toner. 


                green tea for heat burns

                Green tea is extremely high in antioxidants, catechins, and anti-bacterial properties and hence it helps cure multiple skin and hair-related problems.You can check out the green tea options offered by Old Harbor Tea such as  Old Harbor Premium Green Tea .

                Our recommendations are Old Harbor mint, tulsi, jasmine, and white tea to try out for these skin and hair care hacks. You will not be sorry.

                PS: ( We would recommend you to do a small patch test on your skin before to ensure there are no allergic reactions).