Old Harbor Premium CTC Tea 500 gm Jar

Old Harbor Premium CTC Tea 500 gm Jar

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  • Old Harbor Fine Teas are selected & blended with great expertise and care by our tea masters.
  • The heritage of 70 years family involvement in the tea business is reflected on the Old Harbor range of premium teas.
  • Superb Taste,texture,aroma & warm hues are typical of the tea leaves from the great estates of Assam.
  • Old Harbor Teas preserve & enhance these natural qualities of Assam leaf through application of skilled techniques of blending,infusing,processing & state-of-art packaging.
  • The result is a product range that adheres to the highest standards and attracts the respect & devotion of tea lovers worldwide.
  • Escape the pressures of the world!Brew a cup of refreshing Old Harbor!

Old Harbor Premium CTC Tea


  • Old Harbor Premium CTC Tea is a pure Assam Tea
  • Check for Assam Tea Indicator/logo on our pack
  • This premium fine blend preserve and enhance these natural qualities of Assam leaf by applying state-of-the-art techniques of blending,processing & packaging.
  • More Cups per pack

    Old Harbor Premium CTC Tea-

    Hand picked leaves are blended with care to offer 1/3rd more with each spoon brewed.


    • Pure Assam Tea,Unflavoured
    • Brews 1/3rd more with each spoon brewed.
    • Unlocks robust full-bodied tasted with every sip
    • Old Harbor Livens up the spirit of tea lovers.


    (Disclaimer:The product does not contain any additives like mint or ginger.It is for photography purpose only.Old harbor is a pure assam tea, unflavoured full of flavour in every sip)

  • Old Harbor range of staple-less tea bags

    Old Harbor Teabags use cutting-edge technology,All Natural,without components that negatively affect flavour or brewing method.


    • Natural Abaca paper
    • Microwaveable
    • Staple-less technology
    • Double chamber,giving more exposure to water
    • Naturally crimped,meaning no adhesives,pasticisers or other chemical compounds used.
    • Old Harbor Tea-Naturally Flavoured Tea Bags

      Old harbor Green Tea Range


      • Light,with a subtle & fresh fragrance
      • Packed full of healthy antioxidants & catechins
      • Energising
      • Each teabag individual enveloped


      Old Harbor Black tea


      • Rich,full-bodied
      • Can be consumed with/without milk
      • Each teabag individual enveloped


      Old Harbor Darjeeling tea (check for the Darjeeling tea logo on pack);Sweet,musky,muscatel flavours.