7 Unusual ways to use Green Tea

7 Unusual ways to use Green Tea!

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water. Overall around 80% of the households in India enjoy tea with milk and sugar.

In recent times, however, the consumption of non-milk tea without sugar is on the rise, driven majorly by the increasing emergence of life style changes and increasing popularity of variants like green tea. (Source: Executive Summary of Study on Domestic Consumption of Tea in India by Tea Board, India)

Therefore, we have list down some wonders green tea can provide other than being healthy for just drinking! Here are Seven unusual ways to use Green Tea:

  • Helps reduce dark circles and puffy eyes

Green Tea contains Tannins that shrink living tissue aiding in reducing the puffiness around the eyes and improve blood circulation.  All you have to do is after you have enjoyed a cup of green tea, let the bag cool and place one over each closed eye. Place it on your eyes for 10 minutes. Once done, massage your under-eyes gently for better results. You can try this technique using Old Harbor Premium Green Tea!

  • A great alternative to fertilizer  

The whole world is shifting towards waste reduction, so this trick is definitely a no-brainer. Green tea leaves act as a natural fertilizer. You can spatter a thin layer of green tea leaves from your used tea bags around the bases of your plants. And then water them. This tip is a tried and tested one!

  • Absorbs bad odors in refrigerators

This may sound strange but green tea can actually absorb bad odors. To do this, place a few used tea bags in a cup or a cloth bag and put it in the refrigerator. Don‘t forget to change the tea bags regularly. This way your refrigerator will always be odor-free.

  • Excellent  Carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaning can get messy & costly at times, green tea can help ease the work. Simply take some moist used green tea leaves out of a sachet and scatter them on the floor, and gently rub them, followed by vacuuming the affected area. A quick fix in time of emergencies indeed.

  • Helps prevent bad breath

Green teas are antioxidant in nature which helps get rid of toxin in your body and also helps to clean and wash off the bacteria from your mouth, that is the root cause of bad breath. Sip on a fresh cup and feel active!

  • Removes grease of dishes

This one is a must-try! Simply place some used green tea bags on the dishes and use them as scrubs to get rid of the dirty dishes. You save up on using those harsh chemicals that are bad for fragile utensils.

  • Soothes sunburnt skin

You spent too much time under the sun and now have sunburns? Well, this DIY is easy and great to soothe your skin after sunburns. The antioxidants help with the inflammation so first, steep some green tea, let it cool (you can put it in the fridge too), and then dip some fresh cotton balls in the cooled tea, directly on the affected area and feel relaxed!


We hope you enjoyed these Seven unusual ways to use green tea! Do share it with a friend who may find this useful and switch to green tea if you haven't already!